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Published On : Mar 18 2022 3:05PM

The war in Ukraine has caused a disruption of shipping and air freight. The Russian forces are cutting off routes, logistics firms suspended services while rates for both ground transport as well as ocean going vessels have skyrocketed because it is one way to access the world market without being blocked by borders or coastlines

This event highlights how important efficient transportation networks can be during times where trade isn't flowing smoothly between countries.

The closure of Ukraine’s ports has caused a national crisis, with 70% percent (!) distributed through ship-based distribution. Supply chain firms report that they are experiencing log jams at both Odessa and Mariupol due in large part because these two cities serve as keypoints for trade between Europe & Asia Pacific regions - meaning there is currently no way around them if you want access into either market! The container business also appears to be slowing down: while some companies may try moving their goods by air instead; others say this would just add more expense without offering any real benefits over ground transport options.

Freight Rates Rising Rapidly

The airline industry is feeling the pain of a Russian airspace ban. With limited air capacity, shippers are seeing their freight rates skyrocket as flights avoid Ukraine and travel routes through Russia become more difficult due to this political conflict. “The flying restrictions have caused many cancellations which removed 10 million miles from international shipping paths," said Alperin.

Airlines will be forced to take longer routes, increasing fuel costs. This is bad news for airlines as they experience high back worship and delays due in part from record price spikes on oil which further widen their deficit outlooks.

Blaming one factor isn’t enough when it comes down deciding what course of action needs taken – there have been many factors leading up this point including recent political tension between Russia & Western powers over Ukraine combined with its proximity being an important energy producer/consumer nation near Europe  among others things.

Oil prices have been rising for weeks and surging to record levels.

Logistics+ Boycott Businesses with any Plans to Travel between

The international shipping industry is in a state of chaos as companies distance themselves from Russia following the Russian government's decision to wage war against Ukrainian citizens. Many logistics firms have also suspended deliveries across borders, including UPS who closed their office operations in Eastern Europe until further notice due primarily because it shut down all flights between Moscow Sheremetyevo airport and Kyiv’s Boryspil International Airport last week; DHL saying they will likewise avoid working with customers doing business within Ukraine itself but instead focus solely on those operating indirect routes through other countries.

Meanwhile, tanker rates have “skyrocketed,” with a spike from 157% to 591%, said Alperin.

Alperin noted that the growing number of carriers that have suspended services in Russia make up about 62% of total ocean freight capacity.

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