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Published On : Mar 29 2022 2:17PM

The company is taking new developments in the department focused on bringing about a cleaner methods of air freight services and like what they see so far. One milestone was reached this week when an Airbus A380 took flight powered by 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuel! This means that there will be even less impact from aviation fuel production for years to come, which makes way for greener skies ahead  as well as other innovations within our industry."

SAF has the potential to be an environmentally cleaner alternative for aviation. With static projections showing that it could reduce carbon emissions by up 71% compared with traditional fossil fuels, SAF is one key element in achieving net zero-carbon outputs by 2050

A significant amount still needs exploring when discussing how best effective this new technology will actually turn out being but there can't denying its importance as well considering what we're facing now - climate change!

The recent flight shows that Airbus is making efforts to meet its goal of achieving a 100 percent safe- skies condition for flights. On Friday morning, an A380 test aircraft MSN1 operating with one Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine took off from Blagnac Airport in Toulouse France and successfully demonstrated how they can fly three hours while using only SAF power!

With a 50% blend of SAF mixed with kerosene, all Airbus planes are already certified to fly. The company plans is achieve certification on 100 percent their aircraft by the end this decade and they're well underway!

The A380 is a very efficient airplane. In just two months, it can fly around 800 miles with 27 tonnes of unblended SAF! The first test flight was mostly focused on how well this new fuel worked in take off and landing but now they're taking off again to see if there are any problems when flying at cruising altitude."

So for companies like Global Corporate Logistics the future of flight seems ever brighter now thanks to all the new developments in the department for flight means that companies could have a more positive future. With all these updates, it's easier than ever before to fly and do business without relying on harmful fuels currently being used throughout world.

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