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Published On : Jan 27 2022 3:07PM

With the new service from Airbus, cargo transport needs are no longer an issue for many businesses. The company's latest innovation will provide customers in these various sectors with a solution to their large-scale shipments that can fit through airports and other chokepoints without blocking assembly lines or otherwise disrupting normal operations

These include space exploration vehicles like NASA’s Jupiter II satellite platform which was deployed into orbit around Earth way back when President John F Kennedy tiles were still being built at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base , Florida.

The five-strong BelugaST fleet, which has until now been the backbone of Airbus’ intersite transportation system is finally making its mark on global markets with a delivery that stopped at three different airports in Poland and two more across Russia. The first mission took place late last year when an A300 flew from France to Japan without stopping for fuel or food along its way - reaching Kobe after 16 hours aboard just one single aircraft!

The new Beluga Transport service by Airbus will be able to accommodate a multitude of possible market applications because it has the world’s largest interior cross-section, with planes capable enough for oversized cargo up 7 meters wide and 6.7 high!

Philippe Sabo announced that a new subsidiary airline will be created in the near future to operate between France and Germany. The company has already commissioned all six BelugaXLs, which are due for delivery by end of this year at latest; once these aircraft arrive they'll form part two-thirds (2/3) of an overall fleet - meaning there's now space left over! Mr Saho continued: “This means we can step up our presence further into international markets with increased frequency."

The BelugaST will be able to maximize its turnaround capability for targeted international customers with new loading techniques and equipment. These solutions include an automated On-Board Cargo Loader (OBCL) that can bring cargo on board without needing any platforms at airports where there isn't one available in advance or after landing, as well as specialinelli machines which make it easier than ever before possible load general aviation flights into overhead bins while simultaneously taking off from runway surfaces within designated take off distance circles!

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