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Published On : Mar 30 2022 3:27PM

Whether you're at home in bed, or out celebrating with family and friends - join me as we honour Her Majesty the Queen on her special day! It's never too late to give something back for all that has been done. I am sure there are plenty things each one of us can do: attend a party/event; volunteer your time (even if just watching); donate money so this great nation may continue living under such an amazing leader who does not stop working.

Her Majesty’s birthday and she will be celebrating an entire decade with us! The Queen's 70th year in service to our great country has been marked by one more reason to celebrate. This joyous day doesn't come around often, but there are two reasons this time around. The British people can hold their heads high because they have seen what happens when you commit yourself fully--to your family or nation-and take on responsibility headfirst without ever slowing down for even a second.

The Queen’s birthday is an event that marks one year since her coronation. This year, more than 1,400 parading soldiers and 200 horses will come together in the traditional Parade to celebrate Her Majesty's official day! The Procession begins at Buckingham Palace before moving down "The Mall" with members of Royal Family on horseback or else riding alongside their carriages as it makes its way towards Horse Guards' Park where a ceremony takes place celebrating all things British culture--including music performed by some very talented musicians who are also invited guests).

To mark of such a momentous day the Royal Air Force’s traditional fly-past will be watched by The Queen and members of her family from the Buckingham Palace balcony. If you or anyone in your household wants to get involved with this don't forget, they can enjoy events across Platinum Jubilee weekend including Trooping The Colour broadcast live on BBC 1.

We are all looking forward to celebrating Her Majesty's Birthday and 70th year of service with the British people!

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