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Published On : Feb 25 2022 12:25PM

Earthquake questions and theories

"We were just getting into bed, when all of sudden we felt it earth shake." This statement is from an woman who lived near Birmingham. She goes onto say how confused they got after checking in doors to make sure everything was okay outside before heading back upstairs - "I thought maybe something had fallen over?" But then again another rumble came so she checked once more just in case anything happened.

When one witness heard an unusual noise late at night, they went to see what was happening. The vibrations were felt rather than seen because it happened so quickly and there wasn't much physical damage done in spite of the fact that five neighbours were outside too who also had their doubts about whether or not this was actually part of an earthquake or an accident. With another person describing their surprise “I was in bed just nodding off to sleep and felt the house shake. I thought it was someone trying to get into the house.”

Though the earthquakes associates with this event don't go on, there's some good news about all of it. Since it wasn’t such a major earthquake at only magnitude 3.2 and because we were able to notice what happened in our town even though people widely felt its effects here - no one suffered any major damage or life-threatening injuries as result!

There are a lot of people in the city who have been monitoring recent events and they would not be wrong for guessing that it seems like we're living on another level. The weather this past week alone was crazy compared to any other seasons over these last few years, with strong winds Friday followed by rain like nothing you've seen before yesterday!

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