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Published On : Nov 23 2021 11:48AM

UK economy still faces major challenges despite return to 'normality’

It’s an unusual state of affairs for a country where normality was supposed to resume a month ago.

"After the lifting of most pandemic restrictions on their country's Independence Day, Britain was poised to experience unprecedented growth. The economy would be unleashed and this new-found freedom would allow for some very positive changes in both society at large as well as one’s personal life."

Despite the headlines depicting a jobs crisis post-Covid19, employment is on the upswing and businesses have been surviving. Thanks largely due to billions of pounds worth in government support that helped them through these difficult times

Despite predictions for job losses during Covid 19 there has actually been significant progress made since then with unemployment falling while business owners are getting back into operation thanks to funding from British taxpayers who were not about let their hard work go down without fighting back when things got tough

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