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Published On : Nov 23 2021 11:49AM

Scientists in Denmark are excited about a new discovery that could help battle global warming. Rock silt, which is known to be an effective carbon dioxide absorbent and increases crop yields by up to 30%, was found when melting glaciers released their rich loads of nutrients into the ocean's waters with potential agricultural applications.

The Carbon Dioxide Emissions In Norwich Have Been Halved

A huge decline in pollution from industry has lead to carbon dioxide emissions being at its lowest point since 1774. The rest of Norfolk saw a fall around 30%, with urban areas cutting their pollution much faster than rural ones. Carbone droplets from businesses have also decreased by two thirds while those coming out homes have seen a 33% drop between 2005 and 2019

In a world where climate change is already being felt, it's no wonder that few places have been as committed to the cause than Newcastle. This North East city has achieved an 'A' grade from international research provider CDP and again ranked among 95 cities across the globe for their efforts in combating global warming with Tyneside council pushing even harder towards its goal of becoming net zero by 2030-2034.

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