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Published On : Jan 20 2022 3:01PM

The UK government has announced that from next week onward they will be relaxing restrictions on who is allowed into the country, in order to permit those with respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19. These precautions and safety measures were decided upon so people could see them all reach this pandemic's end together while still being safe outside of their homes or places where it spreads most, markets, public transport, restaurants and schools as well as the requirement for Covid passes are being scrapped in a few locations.

The end of the Covid-19 pandemic is near, but there are still rules we have to follow until then. One example would be that if you get a positive result on any test then self isolating yourself from other people for at least 24 hours after receiving your initial diagnosis; however if it turns out later than what was expected or wanted originally - meaning negative--the time will go down even further! However those that have had a positive result

The isolation period has been reduced from seven to five days for people who test negative on both the fifth and sixth day after being exposed. This measure will relieve pressure in public services, workforces across multiple sectors of society if it is relieved sooner rather than later!

More updates should be following not so far into the year, or We can hope for at least

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