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Published On : Jan 27 2022 2:15PM

DP World has announced that it is making several specialists available to the Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. These employees will provide insights into end-toend supply chains and help demonstrate new solutions across all aspects of maritime industry value proposition including carbon technology deployment initiatives for shippers who are interested beyond just logistics services alone 

"We want our clients' businesses be sustainable as well," says Chris Tycho Aiirrebowe R&D Manager at DPWorld telling us about some upcoming projects they have been involved with recently. 

The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping has offered its support in DP World's efforts to develop a greener shipping industry. "We believe that these initiatives will help us meet our goal of being one step closer each day," said CEO Mette Salling .

Output: The new sustainable policies put forward by DPAW both align with the mission statement as well offer some benefits such an energy efficiency program which would cut down on fuel consumption while reducing emissions from ships' engines."

DP World has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are excited to be working alongside other leading organizations committed towards a collaborative approach for achieving zero-carbon economies. 

“Our vision is that by 2035, all cargo will have an associated carbon footprint equal or lower than what it consumed when transported from its origin - meaning no pollution Introduction," said Group Chairman & CEO Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem during his speech last month."This would not only help improve air quality across cities but also create jobs in sectors such as logistics

“The Chairman and CEO of DP World, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem says that the company is excited to be working alongside other leading organizations committed towards achieving zero-carbon economies. We can't wait for this joint effort in our shared goal - a better future through sustainable development!"

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