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Published On : Oct 18 2021 3:16PM

Manchester Airport (MAN) has confirmed its plans to expand its international services. The airport is currently ranked as the 11th busiest in the UK and they are planning on constructing a new runway that will allow for an increase in flight capacity if approved. This expansion would make Manchester a more competitive business destination for visitors from abroad, particularly due to it being only 2 hours away from London. This could benefit the UK not only in its financial department due to the specifics of the goods imported like food products such as dried fish, fruit, cured meats, and alcohol. When any products like these are brought into the UK a lot of procedures and checks must take place before anything is finalized, reached the final destination. These procedures are done by any import, exports businesses however there is one company that has built a strong work relationship with Manchester airport and that company would be Global Corporate Logistics, this connection was built upon by our reliable website, resourceful staff, and affordable prices to any destination. The construction of this runway could also have a positive economic impact on Manchester's regional economy by generating thousands of jobs and stimulating growth in other sectors such as retail and hospitality.

Manchester Airport's Plans To Expand Its International Services as well as constructing an expansion on its grounds. This would generate a rather large profit in the long run for Manchester as well the UK as this would bring in larger quantities of products from non-local communities for resale at local businesses or being transported to another country. This would include such things as products and merchandise requested from other countries that are in high demand around the UK current examples would be electronic hardware for such things as gaming consoles, imported games, and designer branded clothing not found locally. Other than requesting popular products from other countries to bring into the UK, there are also many products that are wanted by other countries that the UK can provide so thanks to our connections with Manchester airport we have been able to deliver many products to there destination a whole lot quicker and easier than it would have been if sending the products out by sea freight or any other mode of transport to places such as Spain, Nigeria, and America. With the expansion happening in many departments not just on the runway there is now greater possibilities available to those wishing to import stuff through Manchester Airport, as many orders for imports and exports pass through there a main supplier for those would be Global Corporate Logistics which would come highly recommended for new and existing customers to handle both your UK export customs declaration and UK customs import declarations. You can reach us via cs@GlobalCorporateLogistics.com or call our dedicated customs clearance specialist list on 0161 706 1220. 

The construction of this runway could also have a positive impact on Manchester's regional economy and stimulate growth in other sectors such as hospitality. With increased flight capacity, it will be easier for both travelers and business types alike to visit the region during peak periods. This is good news for locals who want an increase in visitors that can bring more money into their city-regions while increasing tourism numbers which should help with raising reputation with other businesses like hotels or restaurants.

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