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Published On : Mar 4 2022 3:56PM

The Greater Manchester Air Pollution Board has come up with a plan to combat air pollution that is worse than ever before. In an effort to get rid of all forms, they have designed Clean Air Zones in which businesses would be required by law if they wish continue operating within these areas while still cleaner zones exist outside them where violations can take place without punishment or fine as long there's no official monitoring station set-up near your business location

Reasons why:

There were many reasons why the government was thinking about implementing this plan. One such reason would be that we currently experience high levels of vehicle emissions throughout Great Britain, which can easily lowered with tough actions like Clean Air Zones; however discussions have shown these plans will bring more financial problems than solutions (even though they may work).


The proposal to establish Clean Air Zones throughout the UK has raised many concerns, forcing people to come together, joining together in communities all over Great Britain. This collective of concerned citizens have made an online petition in opposition of this plan which has already gathered more than 35,000 signatures, with this they have gained attention from leaders who are working on a new plan that will come out with similar results but less negatively affective for everyone involved

Alternative Plan?

One idea put forth by this organization hopes not just reduce levels but also make it easier for citizens living nearby has been put forward thanks to Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester). Under Andy Burnham's new plan, there will be a way for those with older cars to get funding so that they can keep on driving. The details of this proposal have yet been revealed but it seems like an excellent alternative when compared against the original Clean Air Zone Plan which was met by much criticism.

In a move that could revolutionize the way we charge for parking, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has called for an 'Non - Charging' scheme. This would fund vehicle upgrades and other necessary repairs with no charging involved at all! Nine out of ten Labour council leaders in this region support it too - so does Bolton's Conservative leader...time will only tell what comes next on this change but one thing is certain: It needs our attention sooner rather than later if true progress wants to be made.

The news that this charging scheme may no longer be necessary comes after a controversial plan was put into place to charge commercial vehicles for exceeding air quality standards in May. However, leaders have since changed their minds and now believe there are other ways of identifying non-compliant cars without implementing the camera system - though they will need more funding before doing so!


The call for a non-charging Category B Clean Air Zone in the letter from Burnham has been met with approval. He wrote, "We are of the view that any new scheme should be based on incentives rather than penalties."

The new plan is set to revolutionize the automotive industry as we know it. If this comes true, more vehicles like vans and cars will be exempt from charges; which means good news for many people -- whether small business owners or large corporations alike!

Councillor Martyn Cox said that Bolton council only accepted the original scheme proposed because of legal action they were threatened with. He added: "If Greater Manchester reaches a position where we can clean our air without imposing large fines on small businesses, then I'm prepared to look at any reasonable proposition."

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