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Published On : Feb 11 2022 3:18PM

Steam Deck Valve

Valve has revealed their new handheld gaming console, called the Steam Deck. The device looks and operates in a similar fashion to other consoles like Nintendo's Switch but early impressions suggest that it will be much more comparable with portable PC games because of its power source from an internal battery or by using wired connections through micro-USB cables depending on how you want your experience. It is worth noting that the price reflects faster and larger storage between models, as well as an anti-glare etched glass screen at the highest point.

The potential for this innovation is huge! This could potentially make gamers out there feel less discouraged about not being able stay connected all day long while playing video games thanks so they can take them wherever life takes him/her. The Steam Deck is a powerhouse that's capable of outperforming both consoles and becoming one-of the fastest gaming desktops on earth. It has 4 cores, 8 thread processing power with 1TB AMD Radeon memory to handle graphics tasks at 720p resolution while still delivering 60fps or higher!

The main difference between these platforms lie within their respective strengths; The steam deck offers an advantage in terms if power whereas Nintendo’s newest invention -the “Joycon Grip" makes holding onto said controller much simpler when using motion controlled gameplay.

Nintendo Switch OLED

We all have that one device we just can't get enough of. It might be the newest phone or TV, but for me and many other people my favourite is still an old friend-the OLED screen! The larger viewing area gives you so much more immersion in your content with rich blacks and punchy colours offering a far better experience than what was offered before.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED being one of this year's most popular tech products, it is no surprise that eager gamers have snapped up all available stock. The souped-up blue version features an improved screen and stronger battery life than its predecessor while still retaining compatibility with older games through backwards compatibility technology.

According to Nintendo, the Switch sold 711,000 units overall in the US during October, and 314,000 of those were the OLED version.

The Nintendo Switch's success can be attributed to a number of factors that have come together in its favour. The console has the power and capabilities necessary for it appeal wide customer base, as well support from both first-party developers like stellar 23rd studio developing "Starlink" games ongoingly while also receiving massive third party aid with regards game releases.

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