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Author : GCLParcel.com

Published On : Nov 28 2021 5:13PM

It's a race to get your orders in before the prices go up again. With Christmas around the corner, shoppers are facing their biggest price increase since 1990 with many departments going crazy on sales and discounts while Global Corporate Logistics has vowed to help stabilize shipping people’s orders during this busy schedule so they can still enjoy what was meant for them at an affordable cost!

UK shoppers face the sharpest rise in prices this month, as they brace themselves for Christmas shortages. The Confederation of British Industry’s quarterly Distributive Trades Survey has found that selling prices grew at their fastest pace since May 1990 with a balance having reported higher values than one year ago - an indication many are getting ahead of potential worries about not being able to find products come December 25th when everyone is out trying desperately get what they need

Selling prices grew at the fastest pace since May 1990 in the year to November and are expected to increase at a broadly similar pace next month. Its monthly retail sales balance - which shows whether annual sales growth is rising or falling - rose to a three-month high of +39 in November from +30 in October. And a measures of sales for the time of year leapt to +35 from -1, its highest since September 2015.

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