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Published On : Feb 18 2022 4:14PM

The rail industry is currently experiencing widespread cancellations due to the effects of Storm Eunice. A "do not travel" warning has been issued for Britain's trains, ferries and aviation sectors as hurricane-level gusts wreak havoc on transport networks throughout Great Britain.

With winds of 50 mph or more, South Wales and Cornwall were the first hit. The rest of England was impacted early in morning hours as well with heavy rains causing major travel disruption like road closures for safety reasons among other things such as train cancellations.

The intense winds that buffeted Britain this week were caused by an approaching storm, and they're not going away anytime soon. Storm Eunice is still battering the country with 122 mph gusts reported so far - one of which hit The Needles on Isle Of Wight where it registered at 9am Friday morning (10/06). forecaster William Ball said there's "high possibility" we could see more record-breaking conditions over night into tomorrow before things eventually died down.

This Storm has led to many problems all-throughout the UK,

Here are a few Examples:


The high winds of Storm Eunice have caused major damage to London's O2 arena. "In just the last 45 minutes, it started off as one small panel near a corner," says Ben Hubbard who filmed this video footage from inside his house near by balcony where he lives with wife & kids  And then within seconds there were three more ripped away! I'm not sure what else can be done- these things look like they'll never stop coming down!"

Railway Department

Jake Kelly, Network Rail's group director of Passenger Services said: "There is severe disruption across multiple rail lines today so we are continuing to ask passengers not travel and make alternative arrangements wherever possible." Starting tonight through Saturday morning our crew will work round-the clock fixing the damage that this storm has done.


The London City Airport has announced that all flights are cancelled until Monday afternoon due to severe weather conditions. British Airways reported they have cancellations "inclusive of a number" which will reduce the amount aircraft permitted at Heathrow today and tomorrow morning.

EasyJet passengers had their flights cancelled on Friday after the company's planes were forced into two separate landings. Passengers destined for London Gatwick endured a three hour delay when they returned from Bordeaux, while those flying out of Nice faced an even longer wait - five hours!


"I urge all Londoners to stay at home, do not take risks and avoid traveling in the event that Storm Eunice poses a threat. City Hall is closely monitoring this storm as it moves closer towards us; we're doing everything possible so you can continue living your life like normal." 

The mayor Sadiq Khan made an announcement on Friday morning warning people about potential impacts from one of these powerful storms which has already caused flooding across parts north-east England today where homes were under water up until their roofs came off," says ABC News' Matt Jurnoe report.


P&O Ferries announced that all sailings between Dover and Calais are suspended until further notice. This means there will be disruption for most of the day, but they plan on providing more information as soon possible so customers can make informed decisions about whether or not travel today.

The Port of Dover has announced that it is temporarily closed to shipping due the storm "in order for customers and staff safety". Ferry operators also cancelled several sailings across Irish Sea, including four services between Rosslare (South East Ireland) & Pembroke; two with easterly winds as well three southerly ones.

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