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Published On : Feb 25 2022 11:51AM

The end of these last few days has come much faster than anyone would have thought. It's only because we've been hit with one storm after another, Storm Dudley then Franklin and Eunice who is now dissipating rapidly into nothingness at all across the UK- that this feels like it takes forever!

While most of the UK is currently experiencing a cold snap, we in England can expect to be overwhelmed by yet another storm this time around. The forecast calls for heavy snowfall and strong winds

We are all feeling the after effects of three terrible storms. With public drains backed up and flooding streets, homes without power, delays in transportation due to destruction everywhere-it's no wonder so many people have been injured or killed by this chaos!

The winds reached speeds that ruined gardens centres destroying trees while also knocking over buildings with ease; it only makes sense then why there is such extensive damage across every department area within UK society right now?

Wednesday's storm was nothing like I have ever seen before. It started in the UK with high winds and rain, but it went on for hours- not minutes! The severity of this type or weather can be devastating anywhere across your country so you must take care if there are warnings about storms coming our way soon - especially those who live by coastlines or near lakes/ Reservations Like Storm Dudley which hit Britain last week. When the first storm hit, it left behind a wake of flooding and damage. The cost to repair all these damages will be thousands - if not tens-of thousands worth!

The second storm, Storm Eunice hit the UK with full force. This is where people started taking warnings from council members and department heads seriously as a result of our first mini-storm just days before entitled Dudley which caused much damage across various parts in Great Britain including London where we face more than 300 Transport difficulties due to bridge strikes among other things while also cancelling many flights leaving thousands stranded at airports not knowing what will happen next or when they would be able rebook onto another plane bound for their destination city!

The recent storms have caused widespread damage to homes, public parks and even the London O2 arena. One of these events was a record high wind speed that damaged ceiling panels at an event venue in addition with destroying murals painted on buildings by artists like Reading's Cartwheeling Boy who are currently being tipped over or any other art work located near potential candidate areas for storm

We all know that excitement builds as we get closer and closer to the storm. While it may be hard now, remember what will happen when this is over? Sunny days are ahead of us! Make sure you follow guidelines from your council head or risk getting caught up in terrible winds again without warning - public transport has been suggested for those who wish not walk home after being outside during these times.

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