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Published On : Jan 13 2022 3:57PM

The historic trade agreement set to start as soon as possible is an example of how global leaders are working together for the betterment and prosperity of all. The United Kingdom's Secretary for State, Anne Marie Trevelyan met with Australia’s Minister Dan Tehan in December 2021 finalising details on this deal which will see new standards created within digital business opportunities including work travel rights being made available between Londoners or Australians.

This deal will unlock £10 billion in new trade, boosting our economy and increasing wages across the UK. It’s a tailored agreement with cutting-edge agreements that are focused on Britain's world leadership areas such as digital tech or services - all while ensuring there is enough access for Great British industries like cars & automotive engineering!

The agreement is a major step forward in fostering stronger business ties between the UK and Australia. It will allow companies from both countries to bid for an additional £10 billion worth of public sector contracts per year, with guaranteed access granted by one country's government - meaning there isn't as much risk involved when doing so! The new visa conditions also benefit young people who want work experience or travel abroad.

The UK and Australia is set to benefit from a new agreement that will allow businesses in the two countries access visas for work without being subject to changing lists of skilled occupations. This has never been offered by any other country before, which makes this an attractive opportunity especially with regards on how highly qualified they are!

With this new agreement, Australian businesses can now take advantage of cheaper British products and services. The deal removes all tariffs between Australia and UK which makes it easier for Aussies to buy iconic brands such as cars or Scotch whisky at an affordable price while making our own favourite foods more accessible in return!

The new agreement will be a gateway into one of the fastest-growing economic regions in Asia and could help us qualify for participation in CPTPP, which is an area covering £8.4 trillion worth per year across 11 countries including Australia as well as Mexico!

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