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Published On : Nov 23 2021 11:52AM

Ocean work taking the steady road

The container lines industry has been in a state of flux. There was an all-time record for the sector in EBITs last year, and there is still much to celebrate despite recent downturns. The sale and purchase activity in the containership market declined sharply this past quarter but prices remain on a rising trend with owners chasing fewer available assets than ever before. Maritime disruptions won’t normalize until 2022 at least, so it may be wise to start thinking about your long term strategy now if you haven't already done so. We can help!

UK warehouse on the soaring rise

The UK warehouse sector is on the rise. With space taken in Q3 2021 totalling 15.7m sq ft, this brings the total amount of leased space so far this year to 46.9M sq ft - 27% higher than what was leased by this point last year and puts them on course for a record-breaking 2021 as occupier demand looks set to keep soaring, with no sign of slowing down any time soon! What are your thoughts? Do you feel like it's possible that these numbers will continue climbing even more? Let us know below or get in touch if you want our team to help you navigate how best to grow your business through choosing an area where there is less competition and then putting measures into

Air cargo industry overcome any challenging terrain

The IATA is urging the air cargo industry to continue working together and with a sense of urgency in order to ensure that we can overcome future challenges. With sustainability, modernisation and safety as key priorities, it’s clear that this will be an exciting transition period for all involved. We must not forget how important it was during COVID-19 when the Air Cargo Industry worked cooperatively despite difficult circumstances such as airport closures or lack of ground support services because these types of events could happen again at any moment. It's our responsibility to plan ahead so we're never caught off guard by emergencies like those experienced during COVID-19. If you want to learn more about what steps your company should take in preparation for unexpected occurrences.

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