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Published On : Dec 17 2021 1:55PM

Volvo Trucks has a new innovation in the form of electric trucks that can withstand extremely low temperatures. The innovative feature? Maintaining battery performance when it's far below zero degrees Celsius, as well! In the winter tests, Volvo Trucks assesses all unpredictable elements of nature. When it's -25° C and hard winds set in they find out how its trucks perform with extreme cold weather conditions by testing them outside near Arctic Circle area in Sweden where temperature drops down below 0 degree Celsius every day during December to February period because there are no sunny days whatsoever up here!

The developers at Volvo have introduced a new function to their line of trucks which was brought in as the result of winter testing. This feature, called Ready To Run by Volvo and pronounced "ready-to ran," is designed for when you need your truck ready before work starts or on warmer days where it's not too hot outside but still close enough that batteries should be cooled down if needed so they don't overheat in traffic during peak hours . The optimal temperature range would typically lie between 25 – 30 degrees Fahrenheit with most operating best around 20degree f below freezing levels.

Electric trucks are an important part of the solution for reducing CO2 emissions, but so far they represent only a modest percentage. There have been some deliveries in Europe this year and just about 300 electric heavy-duty models from DAF Trucks can be found on European roads today!

In the near future, we will be able to see a lot more zero-emissions electric trucks on our roads. In fact 50% of all new truck purchases from now until 2030 should have been consisted entirely or highly energy efficient models! This is thanks in part because this year alone has seen several major milestones for us including reaching production stage with both serialized products as well as deliveries going out right now across Europe and North America - so it's only getting bigger from here."

The new and improved Ready to Run feature will be available on all Volvo FH, FM and X models.

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