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Published On : Mar 24 2022 4:36PM

DHL just bought out Hillebrand logistics, which means you can order beer to your door with ease!

The new reach will allow them (and us) an easier way of shipping goods across seas. This is great news for those who love getting their hands on some delicious brews or suits from distillery number 1-800

The J.F Hillebrand Group AG (Hil) has been acquired by Deutsche Post DHL Group after signing an agreement in August 2021 for EUR1 billion worth of equity value with all necessary regulatory approvals obtained and the acquisition completed on time."

"The logistics of beverages, beer and wine are a great addition to Deutsche Post DHL's already expansive portfolio. With this new partnership we can continue our strategy 2025 which aims for profitable growth in these industries."

The combined businesses of Hillebrand and Gori are now under the leadership Tim Scharwath, who will also head this new venture as its CEO. Cees van Gent decided to step down from his role effective immediately after six years with successful management history at both companies including being in charge when they were acquired by DHL Global Forwarding last year - he'll be leaving his post as Chairman however but not before giving advice on how best move forward for any incoming president or boards member looking into taking over these vital positions!

The Gori family has been part of the DHL Global Forwarding, Freight since 1998. Today they are announcing that their business will now operate under one name - 'Hillebrand Goris- a company within Group.' This integration is an example for others who want to grow with this dynamic market!

With the merger of DHL Global Forwarding and Freight, we now offer a comprehensive suite for our customers' needs. We have unparalleled networks that are supported by both companies - this means better coverage than any other logistics provider out there! Customer service will be at an all-time high as well thanks to Hillebrand's best in class solutions while Goris offers top quality products with his experience from across multiple industries." We're confident that together, DHL and Gori can leverage their untapped synergies for an even better future of transport solutions.

Hillebrand has been majority owned by Cobepa for 16 years. During this time, the company's leadership position in beverage freight forwarding and bulk liquids markets through organic growth as well as their relentless focus on superior service to customers created a strong foundation that will be inherited into new ownership with great anticipation of what lies ahead.

Hillebrand is an industry leader in liquid logistics with a global footprint, providing service excellence to some of the world’s most prestigious brands. With more than 2 thousand employees and 90 countries spanning its operations they are able provide exceptional customer care that sets them apart from other companies vying for your businessWe take pride on being globally scalable while still maintaining close relationships within each region which enables us maintain Our high level commitment towards quality as well best practices across all areas including safety management education & training.

Hillebrand's expertise in tank shipping will be an asset to Deutsche Post DHL Group as they work towards increasing efficiency and reducing costs. As the world leader for both liquid products delivery services, Flexitanks are among Hilebrands' most innovative tools - providing customized solutions tailored just right for each client situation!

"The acquisition of Hillebrand will strengthen DHL Global Forwarding, Freight's customer-focused ocean freight product portfolio and support business growth. The company is confident in its ability to continue providing innovative solutions that meet customers' needs."

The Potential of this partnership is huge! It will allow the company to grow its business into sustainable higher margin levels, which means they can be even more profitable in long-term.

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