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Published On : Nov 23 2021 11:51AM

Carriage containers on bulk carriers

The global container shipping market is currently experiencing extraordinary demands. In part driven by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 pandemic, there is extremely high demand along routes which are usually serviced by containerships. These carriers can carry about 8 thousand TEUs at one time and they typically travel on fixed schedules with predictable costs per trip (much like airliners). Containership supply has not been able to keep up with rising demand due in large part to increased regulations for safety, environmental considerations and cost of operation; meanwhile bulk carrier capacity has grown exponentially over recent years because these ships transport cargo that does not need refrigeration or other special handling requirements.

The shipping business is a competitive and demanding industry, but in the face of uncertain trade policies and high costs for carriers like Maersk or MSC, some large retailers are considering radical alternatives. These include procuring containers themselves and chartering ships to carry them directly. This aspiration has been sparked by both an increased need for control over supply chains amid increasing uncertainty around cost per container charges as well as improved resilience when it comes to service levels.  Carriage Containers on bulk carriers can help you find these services at affordable rates—just contact our team today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions about how we might best meet your specific needs

Critical considerations

Carrying cargo on deck can be a great way to get more capacity on the ship. But it also increases all of the risks for both you and your carrier, so make sure that everyone involved is aware of this before moving forward with any plans. To help ensure some level of safety and liability protection in such cases, we recommend having an agreement or contract signed by both parties outlining their responsibilities and agreeing upon appropriate compensation for damages done while carrying cargo on deck. If you're not comfortable working out these details yourself, let us know - we'd love to work with you!

If you are considering shipping containers to or from China, there may be a few things that will need to be considered. For one thing, the design and intended stowing arrangements of these containers can cause problems for bulk carriers - specifically because they put more weight on the corners castings when placed in hold or on deck. While steel frames can assist in spreading out load across loading area, complex engineering calculations are required to assess and mitigate risk associated with this type of cargo transportation. To help streamline your next shipment's process as well as ensure safety all around, give us a call at 0161706 1220. We'll make sure everything is taken care of so you don't have any worries!

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