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Published On : Feb 3 2022 4:41PM

Together, Cargill and Mitsui have created a new technological solution called Njord. The goal? To make greenhouse gas reduction efforts more cost-effective for shipowners as well as industry wide by providing an all inclusive package that include energy saving devices targeted at lowering emissions from vessels

The three companies' expertise will be brought together in order create this full service option which reflects what businesses need when it comes down deciding how they want their fleet environmentally friendly.

‘Njord has the potential to deliver significant value by pioneering solutions that decarbonize shipping. It closes an incentive and technology gap for industry players with operational expertise, financial incentives,' said Frederik Pind of Maersk Tankers.

Using fuel-saving technologies, Njord has been able to reduce the yearly cost for their large and varied fleet. The company says that depending on vessel size or trading patterns they were able reach an estimated reduction in petroleum consumption with this new service

The three partners spent many years experimenting into what would work best out there by trying both existing as well new technology which resulted into great success!

The giants of the industry, Cargill and Mitsui have partnered with five different owners to form contracts. They expect this number will increase in time as they enter more partnerships for future trades

Maeda Kaoru from Mita Marine Industries says that "we're glad" about what these two companies accomplished but at same time feel sadness because it means one less company competing against them on Tanker market

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