Gcl Parcel

Author : GCLParcel.com

Published On : Dec 6 2021 12:43PM

We want to thank you for your continued business and we hope that this email finds you well. We are excited about the offers during the holiday season, which will be ending soon! All orders placed by December 31st may receive a 5% - 10%, depending on how big it is (or small). This discount was not available in previous years but with everything going forward together as one team at Global corporate logistics, stay tuned because there could always something new coming up next year...

We know what makes us different from other companies: Our extensive range of services tailored specifically towards each individual customer's needs; quality products shipped worldwide without fail every single time despite any weather conditions or unforeseen accidents happening along routes, we strive for everyone's orders reaching there destination for the agreed upon date or with slight margin for error.

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