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Published On : Oct 4 2021 8:53PM

Cargo to Nigeria From Manchester 

At GCL, Our Aircargo shipping services to Nigeria are from all over the UK. We provide fast and reliable transportation for your goods, so you can rest assured that they'll get there on time!

We have a variety of options available:  From Manchester or Bolton including London, Scotland Coventry Brimgham Luton Watford Belfast Wales.

We deliver Cargo to Nigeria Lagos, Ondo, Warri, Abuja, etc from Manchester, Cargo to Nigeria from Bolton, AirCargo to Nigeria from London, Cargo to Nigeria from Scotland, Cargo to Nigeria from Coventry, Cargo to Nigeria from Brimgham, Cargo to Nigeria from Luton,  Cargo to Nigeria from Watford, Cargo to Nigeria from Belfast, Cargo to Nigeria from Wales,  Cargo to Nigeria from Liverpool Uk, Cargo to Nigeria from kent, Cargo to Nigeria from Northampton, Cargo from Nigeria to Manchester, Cargo to Nigeria from Woolwich, Cargo to Nigeria from Wales, Cargo to Nigeria from Scotland.

Sea Cargo to Nigeria from Worsley, Bradford, Croydon, Barking, Nuneaton, cargo to Nigeria from Dagenham, Ilford, Enfield, Wembley cargo to Nigeria from Brixton, Cargo to Nigeria from Brighton, Cargo to Nigeria from Newcastle, Cargo to Nigeria from Bristol, Cargo to Nigeria from Milton Keynes,  Cargo to Nigeria from Kent, Cargo to Nigeria from Watford and anywhere in the UK. We operate a regular weekly Less-than-Full-container-Load Groupage service to Nigeria. 

We offer to pick up from anywhere in Manchester and then deliver your consignment to Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Akure, PortHarcourt, or anywhere in Nigeria. Our door-to-door cargo to Nigeria from the united kingdom (all UK Postcode) to Lagos mainland is 5 days outside Lagos mainland is 6-8 days. This is inclusive of the time our transport partner collects the item from your place until your consignment is delivered to Lagos Nigeria. If your item is bound for outside of Lagos, such as Kaduna state,  Oyo state, Abuja, Ogun state, and other parts of Nigeria it may take longer than five days.

Cargo Shipping to Nigeria from Manchester -The Procedures involved

We offer nationwide home collection services. Just in case you’re wondering if we offer doorstep collection services in your area or not?  Feel free to drop us an email, cs@Gclparcel.com.

To have a hitch-free cargo shipping experience with us, it’s important to follow the outlined instructions provided. Use a strong carton box(s) for packaging your cargo, from our experience this works better especially if we have to send a third party to collect from you. Using suitcases, bags, etc is not advisable as the printed label could easily slip off.

 We require you to include important information such as name, address, telephone number in the UK as well as the recipient details in Nigeria.

It’s equally important to mark the number of items you have on them and include GCL Parcel on each box. If your boxes are 2, write one of 2 and two of two etc. If it’s just a box, write one 1pc.

On a final note, complete and send us your packing list.

Our Frequently Asked Question on the website is also a helpful resource for customers sending delivery to Nigeria from Manchester

What is the lead time for items to arrive in Nigeria from Manchester?

Freight services to Lagos from Manchester take up to five working days from Friday and outside Lagos such as Ibadan, Ogun state, Ondo State, Ilorin, Abuja, Benin, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, and other states in Nigeria takes 8 working days.  Express service is considerably faster but will attract additional charges, this is available for customers who want to use this.

What is the minimum weight requirement?

Our minimum weight requirement to Nigeria is 10kg via our dedicated Airfreight Door to office/Door. If you’re sending from Nigeria to the UK our minimum weight requirement is 10kg to UK Door. We only offer Door to Door from Nigeria to the UK, USA, Canada, and the rest of Europe.

Who handles customs clearance of imports into the UK?

GCL has a dedicated team of customs clearance specialists that focuses on making sure all UK imports are declaration and done ontime. If a situation where your shipment attracts VAT and duty our team will complete all entries and communicate all relevant charges to you if the situation arises.  

Is the cargo trackable?

Yes, you can track the status of your shipment from collection to delivery.

Understanding Customs Procedure in Nigeria

It is important to understand the customs procedures before sending your air freight to Nigeria from UK. It is not everything that is duty-free and allowed in the country when it arrives at Nigeria airport. Visit the Nigeria Customs page here and understand the customs procedure.

What is the payment arrangement?

We accept payment before delivering the shipment.  Payment can be done by bank transfer; we also accept payment in Naira.

GCL Parcel Other Services to Nigeria

UK Customs Clearance Service - Feel free to email your supporting document to us cs@Gclparcel.com.

Car shipping to Nigeria - We offer Roll on Roll off and Groupage service from Manchester & Dagenham to Lagos Nigeria 

Shipping to Nigeria - We offer a weekly container groupage service and air freight service to Nigeria. For booking feel free to email cs@Gclparcel.com or Call our Customer service team on 0161 706 1220.

AirCargo from Nigeria to UK Door -  Feel free to drop off your parcel and freight at our Lagos office GCL Hub, 19 Gbemisola St, Allen Avenu, Ikeja, Nigeria

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