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Author : GCLParcel.com

Published On : Nov 23 2021 11:47AM

The UK could be heading towards a " European Union style" lockdown of unvaccinated people, with new measures being considered or introduced that would contain infection waves. 

Austria has already imposed its own restrictions on those who refuse vaccination; Germany is also considering them for future bouts while other nations across Europe are looking into these issues too .

The recent rise in Covid infections has drawn much attention from governments throughout Europe. Restricting the lives of unjabbed, as well as a ban on public transport and entering restaurants or cafes is expected to happen soon with regards for one German state who already refused entry into nonessential shops because you weren't vaccinated

It's important to stay in the game, not give up. When you're wearing a mask it can feel like social distancing isn't an option but that needs be refocused on now more than ever with recent events making headlines across all platforms

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